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Dolores Wilson, Director of Bethlehem House

With over 50 years working to support the members of the community with intellectual and physical disabilities, Dolores Wilson is the ideal person to sustain the Brookland Community Resources Initiative. By sharing her knowledge and success with Brookland Community Resources she is successfully creating a presence within the community. 

Dolores has lead numerous successful inclusive and spiritual efforts around the Washington, D.C. area and is considered a leader in the field of Special Education. Her experience with The Kennedy Institute, Faith and Light, as well as Larche, aided her when she founded the Bethlehem House, in NE, Washington, D.C., in 1987. 

Bethlehem House was founded to meet the needs of parents and guardians of persons with intellectual and physical limitations.

Potomac Community Resources, Inc.  is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the inclusion of persons with developmental differences into the life of our community. Dolores Wilson, Bethlehem House Director said, "We are grateful to PCR for help as a model and mentor. Now their successful program can be available in other parts of our city. The beauty of these programs is that they give talented individuals the opportunity to give back and share their skills."

Brookland Community Resources benefits from the talents of unique and dedicated professionals. These teachers generously give of their time to plan, facilitate and run our classes. Our staff include Elizabeth Demaree, Mimi Fitting, Brother Paul Kennedy, Larry Waters and Tom Berndt. These staff bring their individual expertise and training in various areas to the BCR's community and individual class offerings.