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Interested in doing more for your community? Consider volunteering with BCR. A rewarding and educational experience BCR offers a wide variety of opportunities to become involved. You must be 15 or older to volunteer with BCR.

  • Fill out online volunteer registration form
  • Visit our programs page and pick which activity you would like to support
  • Bring your completed registration form to your first day of volunteering and hand it to the program supervisor or leader
  • Review the Volunteer Expectations and Role Descriptions as well as the Training Resources below
  • Follow us on Facebook for news and updates

Volunteer Expectations

  • Check in with BCR staff person when you arrive at a program by signing in, you are responsible for managing your hours and deadlines.
  • Arrive at a program on time, assist and participate, and leave promptly when program is over.
  • Interact with staff, families, and members with respect.
  • If you are volunteering for service hour credit, you are responsible for having the staff on site sign your form every session, if there is a volunteer evaluation required by your school please give it to your supervisor promptly
  • Please be aware of our Inclement Weather Policy
  • On site staff will explain the expectations for the program you attend and assist with any questions you may have. 
  • Stay open-minded, participate, and have fun!

Volunteer Role

  • Volunteers must be able to fulfill their role independently and appropriately follow instructions given by BCR instructors or staff. 
  • Remember you are a role model so always act appropriately and be courteous 
  • Please find a way to help the members without doing projects or activities for them; always ask a person if they need help before assuming that help is needed.
  • Be considerate regarding your social interactions with the BCR members. Conversation and socialization is that of typical teens and adults, therefore engage in age appropriate conversations and interactions
  • Assist BCR instructors and staff by handing out any necessary equipment (i.e.,musical instruments, aerobic equipment, art supplies, etc.).
  • Encourage members to participate to the fullest extent possible in each activity by offering an example and verbal assistance.
  • Please ask first but feel comfortable helping the members participate in activities by facilitating movement (i.e.,pushing someone in a wheelchair or use the "hand over hand" technique).  If unsure about "hand over hand" technique, please ask a staff person.  
  • When volunteering with BCR never assume ability level therefore feel free to ask questions, observe and participate to the fullest extent.  


Volunteers will never be left alone with a BCR member.  Nor will they be asked to assist with any personal care tasks for members (i.e, toileting care, feeding, lifting, transferring, and positioning).

BCR has the right to dismiss any volunteer who does not appropriately follow these expectations.